Weekly Word

Weekly Word

In this past week, March 12 was an emotional and tumultuous experience for me on a number of levels. March 12 twenty nine years ago, I held my nephew in my arms for the first time. I cradled him, offered prayer of support, and thankfulness to the Holy One.

Ten years ago, I recall and remember I was leading worship for a 41 Year old husband and father of two who had died of a brain tumour. The church was packed, and during the course of the worship, no fewer than 15 pagers went off. These pagers, of course, were owned by persons connected with emergency services in one way or another, and they were indicating the tragedy of Cougar Flight 491 that crashed into the Atlantic, seventeen souls dying, with only one survivor.

This year, many have heard the news reports of the 157 persons who have died in Ethiopia, through a plane crash. This has affected the international community, many educational communities, and a large family and community network.

This year, I had the privilege of holding a newborn baby boy, cradling him in my arms, and providing a blessing for him and his family.

In all this, I am mesmerized. I am humbled. I am in awe. These remembrances, thanksgivings, and laments, are almost too much for any one person to bear. This memory of March 12 is but a small instance of all the combined memories of this day throughout the world, and throughout history.

Yet, the Holy One holds on to all these memories. The Holy One is present, grieving, celebrating, breathing life into each and every one who has had anything happen to them on this day (and every day).

This is what I believe. This is what humbles me and reminds me of my miniscule existence within the larger system and structure of life, of universe, of reality, of spirituality.

So I pray this day; I breathe. I spend time with the Holy One, for the Holy One spends time with me.





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