Weekly Word

Weekly Word

In certain parts of the Anglican expression of Christianity, this week, the fourth Sunday of Lent, is Mothering Sunday. It is a celebration of the gift of mothers, the gift of mother church, and the gift of Mary, the mother of Jesus. This week in our liturgy, we offer prayers in this theme, as we are reminded of the great love expressed through the expressions of motherhood, as found in women, in the church, and in Mary.

In my experience of life, I have had great expressions of love shown in many different people I have encountered. Great love, great compassion, great commitment. Yet, in these people, I know and have experienced at times, feelings and expressions that are less than love. We are reminded in Scripture that God is love, and the greatest expression of love, and that the interactions of human relations are pale shadows of the love that God has for humanity. 

I share with you today images of words from an exercise that I complete with my staff from time to time. These images of words, are from Feelings Marketplace, ERI Press ©1988, 2006. (www.AEIAction.com)  Each year, I invite our staff to explore how life and ministry is progressing, with the understanding that all is never perfect, loving, or contented. We are all in the process of getting closer to God. These words remind me, and us, that there are ups and downs to human feelings, that sometimes get in the way of expressions of love.

In the Scriptures, there are various words (in both Hebrew and Greek) for love, which reflect the challenges that this word has for us in the English language.

Eros – Sexual Passion

Philia – deep friendship

Ludus – playful love

Agape – love for all

Pragma – longstanding love

Philantia – self-love

Ahab – Impulsive/spontaneous love

Hesed – deliberate choice of affection and kindness (Steadfast love)

Raham – to show compassion


It is apparent to me that as we celebrate the gift of mothering this coming week, and we are reminded of the different attributes of love, we need to keep centred and focussed on the presence of God, who never wavers in expressing love and compassion for us.


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