The Religious Social Action Coalition

The Religious Social Action Coalition (RSACNL) has created a presence in the province, primarily in the Greater St. John’s/Avalon Region. Its members seek the implementation of a living wage and the application of a fairness prism to the development of public policy with a goal to eliminate poverty. They do this by advocating to government and other relevant stakeholders. 


 The primary audience is government members of all parties. Secondary audiences include municipalities, businesses both small and large, unions, and advocacy organizations sharing similar goals re: elimination of poverty.


       There are three main goals of RSACNL

  1. Government implements Living Wage Strategy 
  2. Government adopts a fairness prism to evaluate legislation, policy and programs 
  3. Government establishes a higher minimum wage 


1.      There are three key activities employed by the members of the RSAC to achieve their goals. These are knowledge generation and sharing, public advocacy, and community engagement.

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